Kim & Adrian

Ivy helped plan our destination wedding this year. She had already came highly recommended and she did not disappoint.
We were going into this destination wedding idea without any knowledge of what we wanted to do. All I initially gave her was- we wanted an all-inclusive resort that was family friendly, and not a long plane ride away. She promptly made a PowerPoint with options to choose from and we quickly booked a resort and started the process. She herself is a world traveler and has been to tons of resorts and destinations and has in person knowledge that goes unmatched in these situations. So, it was quite easy for her to pin point the best place for us.
The whole year long process she talked to us once a week. Asked the questions we didn’t know to ask and kept up on a timeline, so we made sure we had everything ready. She went above and beyond by giving her information to all of our quests for questions, made websites for our wedding for easy access to info and booking, and was the sole contact between us and the resort wedding planner.