Greetings. I am Ivaline “Ivy” from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Montserrat, and I currently reside in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a travel enthusiast, I understand how important planning a trip could be and although pleasurable, it is time consuming and often difficult for today’s travelers.

The world is full of amazing experiences and adventures, and traveling is one of the best decisions you could make to add to that experience. Whether a Destination Wedding or Luxury Vacation, I know the importance of creating, unique and unforgettable moments in time.

I often travel to conduct personal site inspections, therefore, only recommend hotels and resorts of premium quality, as each of my clients deserve the absolute best.

Planner of Your Perfect Wedding

How We Can Help You !!!

Give you peace of mind: We are seasoned professionals that will guide you through the whole planning process, so you don’t get overwhelmed. We handle even the simplest details while leveraging our contacts with resorts, vendors, and even work with the local tourism board to help make your experience magical.

Save you time: we will do the research and use our access to non-published information. We make the calls and arrange travel while you can relax.

Provide expertise: As frequent travelers who conduct site inspections of resorts and hotels, trust us to unlock the world for you. We have worked with many couples and have the experience and knowledge to help you create memories that will last a lifetime.

Curated services: We take the time to really understand your vision and add creative ideas that you may not have considered. We will inspire you to think outside the box to make your experience truly one-of-a-kind.
Say goodbye to the stress and hello to your dream wedding and honeymoon!


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Celebrate your love in style with our dream destination wedding and honeymoon services. Let us create the perfect, personalized experience of your dreams, whether you want full support or just a helping hand.