Girls Trip Getaway!

I have always heard excellent things about Ivy League Travel so when my friends mentioned that we should do a girls trip, I jumped at the opportunity to work with Ivaline! Right from the start she took a hands on approach in understanding the needs and wants of our group. The four of us hadn’t yet decided on a destination but had whittled our list down to three choices. After communicating our three options with Ivaline and hearing her suggestions based on the needs of our group, we decided to choose Cabo! I was extremely impressed with the fact that she had actually traveled to all three options on out list and because of that, we were able to get first hand knowledge about our destination. Ivaline doesn’t just talk the talk, she literally walks the walk! We stayed at the Dreams Los Cabos resort. The staff was very friendly and after surveying the property, I couldn’t wait to experience the spa. We took this trip in June of 2019 and I have since used Ivaline’s services again